American Heritage Pointe

Located in Coral Springs, Florida approximately 15-20 minute drive from either the Palm Beach or Broward Campus. It is a nine unit affordable housing complex for American Heritage employees. All units are spacious 3-bedroom units with 2 bathrooms. The downstairs units are slightly larger than the upstairs units and have an outside patio – therefore they are priced higher per month.


The building is owned and maintained by American Heritage – additionally, several security cameras are on the property which are observed 24/7 by our Heritage security team for your safety.


If you are an American Heritage employee and need affordable housing, please fill out our rental interest form, or contact our

Human Resources department at 954-472-0022 ext. 3152

Heritage Pointe Apartments
Per Unit

Price List

Unit 9204: $1,900 - downstairs
Unit 9206: $1,900 - downstairs
Unit 9208: $1,900 - downstairs
Unit 9210: $1,900 - downstairs
Unit 9212: $1,700 - upstairs
Unit 9214: $1,700 - upstairs
Unit 9216: $1,700 - upstairs
Unit 9218: $1,700 - upstairs
Unit 9220: $1,700 - upstairs

All of our 9 units have 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms

Upstairs Units
Downstairs Units